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Taps and Rinse Jets

Taps and Rinse Jets

If you run a commercial kitchen, then you know first-hand just how many dishes come in and out of those doors every day. Maintaining an efficient cleaning system to process dishes is imperative to keep your kitchen properly stocked. This is where having the right pre-rinse jets and sprays mounted to your sinks can make all the difference. We have a wide selection of pre-rinse jets and sprays to suit your kitchen's needs.

Our pre rinse jets, sprays and swivel taps are versatile and reliable, ensuring they can handle any workload in your restaurant, bar, school canteen and more. All our pre-rinse jets are equipped with self-closing trigger valves, ensuring a powerful stream of water that removes stuck-on food easily and efficiently without wasting water. We also carry units that come with a separate pot filler for easy multi tasking.

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