Ice Makers

Self-contained ice makers are a must have for your commercial kitchen. Ice makers from Restaurant Equipment provide you with the convenient ice you need for beverages, smoothies, and more. Our self-contained ice makers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your kitchen's needs, including our popular ZB26 ice maker, which has an average ice output of 26kg every 24 hours. It also features a sleek stainless steel exterior, which makes for easy cleaning, in addition to adjustable feet and a plastic door. Also comes with an inline water screen filter for clean, pure ice.

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Commercial Ice Machine 

Whether you are in catering, hospitality or any other part of the foodservice industry, the beverage side of your business will always be important, if somewhat secondary consideration. However, while the range of drinks you offer need not be extensive, depending on the kind of business you run, what is important is that you can access ice as and when you need it. A commercial ice machine is the perfect way to ensure that you never run short, and are not solely dependent on suppliers delivering ice as and when you need it or hoping that bags of ice are available to buy when stock levels run a little low.

At Restaurant Equipment Online, you can access ice machines for a whole lot less than anywhere else. We are committed to making the close on 20,000 products listed on our site available to our customers for prices that are well below what our competitors charge. We have an automated ordering system in place, with orders processed twice daily, and give that we leverage our suppliers’ warehouses, this means that we don’t have to add overhead expenses to the retail price of the items we make available for sale. All of which is good news for you. This means that you can get industrial kitchen supplies at a price point that won't break your budget.

Regarding our range of stock, among the types of ice machines and brands you can access for less at Restaurant Equipment Online include, but are not by any means limited to:

  • Skope Modular Ice Cube Maker
  • Waring Commercial Ice Crusher
  • Polar Bench Top Bullet Ice Maker
  • F.E.D. Under Bench Ice Maker
  • Blizzard Flake Ice Machine

How A Commercial Ice Machine Adds Value

There are many benefits of having your own commercial ice machine. Given that we experience a relatively hot climate here in Australia, there are always plenty of people looking for a little ice in their drink. Failure to provide, what is really a basic element of any catering or food service, can affect the overall perception and result in negative word-of-mouth and customer dissatisfaction.

Once you have your own machine at your disposal, you can ensure that you have the requisite amount of ice produced in-house as and when you need it, so that no matter what time of day or night, you are ready to meet the demands of the function you are catering to.

When you buy a commercial ice machine, you also save money in ways that may not immediately seem apparent. The time spent going to and from suppliers, or the cost of deliveries to your company by another producer all factor into your bottom line and this money could be put to better use. What’s more, if you physically collect ice, then when you remove the transportation element, you are making a contribution toward the environment.

You can also use a commercial ice machine to supplement your other cooling equipment. You can have display fridges that keep drinks cool or cool rooms for larger items. You can also use it with other commercial cooking equipment whenever you need ice.

Having this asset on your premises adds value and saves time. There are fewer invoice dockets to sign, fewer deliveries to schedule and you can control exactly how much you make and plan effectively when orders are received on short notice, without having to worry about your ability to carry out the job to the satisfaction of the customer.

24/7 Support For Your Commercial Ice Machine

If you are uncertain about the spec or features of any of the products on our site, feel free to get in touch no matter what time of day or night. Our customer support team is here 24/7 to help when you need them, and you can have confidence in the fact that they are well informed and highly knowledgeable.

At Restaurant Equipment Online, we hope to process your order soon and ensure that you get the best price for the commercial ice machine you want, and we endeavour to do what we can to assist you in any way and deliver the kind of results that exceed your expectations.

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