Cool Rooms

Keep food and other perishables at your desired temperature with cool rooms from Restaurant Equipment. Our reliable cool rooms come pre-fabricated and pre-painted to save you time and hassle. All of our cool rooms also meet all international sanitary regulations, so you can enjoy added peace of mind with your purchase. With commercial refrigeration from trusted brands, you'll enjoy adjustable cooling temperatures to suit your commercial kitchen's needs, as well as durable construction and optional lock and key system. All of our cool rooms are also designed to protect against UV rays and other outside sources of deterioration.

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Commercial Cool Room Options for Australia

Chest freezers and refrigerators make a lot of sense for those with a limited amount of space, or for business-owners that are relatively small in size and therefore do not need to have a lot of produce and stock to hand every day. However, for those that bit bigger in size, a commercial cool room makes for the ideal solution that will enable you to preserve and give greater immediate access to much more of your stock at once.

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, our mission is to ensure that when you need the best brands and product options for your catering or foodservice business, you can find a variety of choice that enables you to acquire the specific items that will suit your needs. Along with cool rooms, we have other refrigeration options such as display fridges, freezers, ice machines and other catering equipment.

Best of all, given that our prices are considerably cheaper than the vast majority of our competitors, you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you are not only getting the best brands in the market for less, but you are getting them at a fraction of what you would have paid elsewhere.

Having the right equipment in place when you need it is key to the foodservice business, and so with this in mind, we have streamlined our business model to ensure that orders are processed twice daily, and our distribution team can get your products to you faster than anywhere else.

The Value of a Commercial Cool Room 

First things first, the immediate advantage a cool room provides is space. The ability to store much more of your stock in one room offers you the possibility to organise and manage it and allows you to assess what your levels are for a range of different goods, almost at a glance. What’s more, if the space that you have to use in your kitchen and work areas is limited, this could be the ideal solution that allows you to maximise your storage and use the remainder of your space even more efficiently.

Many business owners look at the cost of commercial cool rooms for sale and shudder at the thought of the hefty price tag. Now that you have found Restaurant Equipment Online the price should look a lot more attractive, but there are also cost savings to be made by investing in a cool room as opposed to a set of different freezer options. The energy requirements of this system are much lower and given that there is only one chiller needed, this could reduce your overall energy expenses in the long-run.

The reduction in the number of chillers also has the unseen benefit of reducing the risk of an electrical fault or the possibility of a fire taking hold in your kitchen. And, in terms of employee well-being and safety, the fact that they need not bend over into conventional freezers and risk over-exerting their back or other muscles can only be a good thing.

Commercial Cool Rooms For Sale Delivered to Metro Addresses Fast 

At Restaurant Equipment Online, all orders received before noon are shipped that very same day, and for those with metro addresses, you can expect to receive the goods that you order within 1-3 business days. Furthermore, should you have any queries about the products listed on our site or if you are considering a large order and would like a custom quote, feel free to get in touch via e-mail, over the phone or by using our online chat function and our friendly customer support team will look after you.

So, when you need a Skope commercial cool room, there is nowhere better than right here at Restaurant Equipment Online. We look forward to your order and counting you among our long list of satisfied customers.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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