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  1. Stainless Steel Hand Basin - SHY-2N
    Was NZ$194.35 Was NZ$234.60

    430(w) x 350(h) x 390(d)mm

  2. GELATO-5L Stainless Steel Pan

    360(w) x 120(h) x 165(d)mm

  3. Stainless Steel Single Deep Pot Sink 700 x 600mm Modular Systems
    Was NZ$640.00 Was NZ$853.30

    770(W) x 900(H) x 600(D)mm

  4. Modular Systems Double Sink Bench - Centre Sinks 2400x600x900
    Was NZ$1,442.00 Was NZ$1,936.60

    2400(W) x 900(H) x 600(D)mm

  5. Modular Systems Double Sink Bench - Right Sinks 1500x700x900
    Was NZ$1,047.00 Was NZ$1,411.05

    1500(W) x 900(H) x 700(D)mm

  6. Double Left Sink Bench with Pot Undershelf 1800 x 600 mm Modular Systems
    Was NZ$1,357.00 Was NZ$1,986.05

    1800(W) x 900(H) x 600(D)mm

  7. Modular Systems 2 x 240L Refrigerated Solid Waster Cooler 10A
    Was NZ$8,489.00 Was NZ$10,942.02

    1810(W) x 1230(H) x 920(D)mm

  8. Modular Systems 3 Shelf Utility Trolley Only
    Was NZ$194.35 Was NZ$228.85

    1280(W) x 960(H) x 500(D)mm

  9. Left Inlet Single Sink Dishwasher Bench 1800mmWx700D Modular Systems
    Was NZ$1,025.00 Was NZ$1,823.90

    1800(W) x 900(H) x 700(D)mm

  10. SS Pot Undershelf With Tube 1990mmW x 590D Modular Systems
    Was NZ$332.35 Was NZ$409.40

    1990(W) x 590(D) x (H)mm

  11. Four Tier Shelving 457(d) x 915(w) x 1880(h)mm Modular Systems
    Was NZ$228.85 Was NZ$279.45

    915(W) x 1880(H) x 457(D)mm

  12. Sink Work Bench with Splashback 1400mmWx600D Modular Systems
    Was NZ$1,956.00 Was NZ$3,004.79

    1400(W) x 850(H) x 600(D)mm

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