Federal Hospitality Equipment (F.E.D.) is an Australian owned importer and catering supplier of quality commercial food, catering & restaurant equipment, supplying and servicing Australia and New Zealand with commercial kitchen and catering equipment for over 48 years.

F.E.D is the importer for the following brands:

Axwood - Dishwashers
Bakermax - Bakery Appliances
Benchstar - Counter Top Appliances
Bezzera - Italian made Espresso Machines and Appliances
Blizzard - Ice Makers
Bonvue - Food Display Equipment
ConvectMAX - Electric Convection Ovens
Dito Sama - European Food Processing equipment
ElectMAX - Electric Cooking Equipment
Fagor - High End, European cooking equipment
FryMAX - Deep Fryers
Garbin - Combi Ovens
GasMAX - Gas Cooking Equipment
Italia Cool - Italian Commercial Refrigeration
MATADOR - Food Processing Appliances
Modular Systems - Stainless Steel Kitchen Benches and Furniture
Primax - Italian Combi Steam Ovens
Prometek - Italian Cooking Equipment
Thermaster - Refrigeration
VacPac - Vacuum Sealers
VC - Food Processing Appliances

All of the above brands are applicable for any F.E.D promotions


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