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Confectionary Equipment

Confectionary Equipment

All things dessert can be found right here - crepe makers, waffles makers & chocolate fountains. Expand your culinary repertoire and offer your guests mouth-watering sweets with our range of dessert equipment.

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Commercial Confectionary Equipment To Make All Kinds Of Desserts

Convenience makes all the difference in the modern world and as such, retailers and suppliers are constantly looking for ways to improve their ability to deliver their products in new ways that will attract customers. Fortunately, for those in the foodservice industry, the team here at Restaurant Equipment Online is leading the way to ensure that no matter when you need to find the best products at the best prices you can.

Whether you are seeking out commercial confectionery equipment or any other product related to the kitchen that will enable you to deliver a higher standard of quality for your customers, rest assured that all of the items and solutions that you need, and maybe are not even aware of yet, are here. We make it that bit easier for you to order so that those online and offline can do so from any device.

Getting The Small Things Right With The Proper Equipment 

It’s the small things that matter when you’re doing business, and in an industry where every single dollar counts, we like to give a little back where we can. As such, those that order with Restaurant Equipment Online can expect to pay no credit card fees on any of their purchases. And for those that sign up to our VIP newsletter, there is a gift voucher worth $20 with your name on it waiting. Furthermore, if you choose to pay via bank deposit, this could afford you another discount of up to $50.

When exploring options in terms of which products might best suit your business and add value, it can sometimes be confusing what the difference is from one option to the next. As such, our team regularly update the site with new product information and descriptions, which make all the difference to those that need to find the exact item to meet their needs.

While the spec comes as standard, we have found that, for example, when people look for confectionary equipment for sale they may have less knowledge at their fingertips. As such, we endeavour to add as much information as possible to our listings so that you can have confidence in what you are buying.

In terms of the types of equipment you can hope to find in our online store, these include the following:

  • Crepe Makers: Apuro
  • Waffle Makers: Double and Single Plate Options from Apuro, F.E.D., Waring
  • Ice Cream Makers: Apuro Stainless Steel 1.5 litre and 2-litre options
  • Chocolate Equipment: Apuro Hot Chocolate Machine, Sephra Chocolate Fountain
  • Donut Equipment: Roband Donut Fryer, Electmax Benchtop Electric Donut Fryer

Few Others Can Compete

What’s more, with our customer service team on standby to assist with order and product information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we know that when you choose us, there will be no going back to your old supplier. In addition to this, given the fact that we have leveraged our suppliers’ warehouses, this means that we can deliver your order much faster anywhere in Australia.

Given how crucial it is for those in the foodservice industry to meet the demands of their clientele each and every day, we are certain that this makes all the difference in maintaining the name that you have worked so hard to achieve.

So, regardless of whether you are a private citizen or a major player in the foodservice industry looking for commercial confectionery equipment, rest assured that for the best prices, the fastest delivery and the widest range of products, there are fewer options that can compete with us here at Restaurant Equipment Online.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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  • Regular Price: NZ$401.35

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$374.00 Incl. Tax: NZ$374.00

    From $4.75 p/w
    250(W) x 260(H) x 325(D)mm
    1.2kW; 240V; 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$504.85

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$470.00 Incl. Tax: NZ$470.00

    From $5.97 p/w
    305(W) x 250(H) x 410(D)mm
    240V; 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$539.35

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$502.00 Incl. Tax: NZ$502.00

    From $6.37 p/w
    470(W) x 225(H) x 320(D)mm
    1.5KW, 240V, 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$792.35

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$737.00 Incl. Tax: NZ$737.00

    From $9.35 p/w
    500(W) x 260(H) x 325(D)mm
    2 x 1.1kW; 240V; 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$918.85

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$743.48 Incl. Tax: NZ$855.00

    From $10.85 p/w
    460(W) x 355(H) x 620(D)mm
    240V; 3.0kW; 15A power outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$1,309.85

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$1,220.00 Incl. Tax: NZ$1,220.00

    From $15.48 p/w
    285(W) x 220(H) x 360(D)mm
    2.2kW; 240V; 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$2,482.85

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$2,008.70 Incl. Tax: NZ$2,310.00

    From $29.32 p/w
    600(W) x 220(H) x 360(D)mm
    2*2.2kW; 240V; 2*10A outlet required
  • Regular Price: NZ$4,230.85

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$3,426.09 Incl. Tax: NZ$3,940.00

    From $50.01 p/w
    430(W) x 590(H) x 620(D)mm
    240V; 10A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Regular Price: NZ$13,028.35

    Special Price Excl. Tax: NZ$10,539.13 Incl. Tax: NZ$12,120.00

    From $153.83 p/w
    520(W) x 1180(H) x 710(D)mm
    240V; 15A outlet required
    Warranty: 1 Year

9 Item(s)

per page

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