Commercial Cooking Equipment

You rely on the equipment in your commercial kitchen to cook dishes to perfection and keep them warm when needed. Without the right cooking and warming equipment, your kitchen's food could come out unevenly cooked, undercooked, or even cold, an experience no restaurant guest appreciates. We carry the best cooking and warming equipment that you could ever need in your commercial kitchen. From heat lamps and Bratt Pans, to ovens, induction cooktops, and deep fryers, we've got everything you need to properly cook food in your kitchen and keep it at a safe and steady temperature.

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Commercial Cooking Equipment at Prices That Cannot Be Beaten 

While it is vital to find suppliers that can deliver quality in terms of the food that you will use each and every day, it is just as important for those in the hospitality, food service and catering industries to find and acquire commercial cooking equipment that will enable their staff to cook and prepare meals with the consistency needed to ensure survival in these highly competitive sectors. You want to make sure that the industrial kitchen supplies you order are going to give you the capabilities you need.

At Restaurant Equipment Online, we understand just how important it is for every business to get a good start. Sometimes decisions are made with the best intentions, however, when such decisions involve choosing equipment that is of a lesser quality than you really need, then you are most likely doing your business a disservice. As such, on our site, you will find named brands and products, almost 20,000, at prices that are considered rock bottom when compared with other retailers.

It's Important To Get Good Commercial Cooking Equipment For Your Business 

Our goal is to make it easier for you to get your business up and running, or to get you out of a jam much faster than any other company can. We have considerable efficiencies in terms of our supply chain as a result of our ability to leverage our suppliers’ warehouses, and this enables us to deliver goods to those in the metro areas within 1-3 business days.

And, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we want our customers to be able to acquire the goods they need up-front without having to put a major strain on their cash resources. When you need to buy commercial cooking equipment, our customer service team will be on-hand to talk you through the spec of each item you are interested in acquiring and they will also be able to discuss financing options. This will help you get the best equipment sooner and pay for it in low weekly instalments. If some of the prices are too much, we also have used kitchen equipment that we sell at lower prices. They have been properly refurbished, meaning they work properly and have been cleaned.

With more cash available to invest in getting the best staff, creating a striking first impression on your premises and investing in marketing or research and development, you will be able to maximise the potential of your business early, and once the equipment is paid off, it will belong to you.

Better still, for those that are starting out, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we now also offer a complete fitout service. You can get in touch with our team and expect a high-end service that will deliver on design, manufacture and a customised commercial kitchen as well as furniture and front of house facades.

Buy Commercial Cooking Equipment With Us Today

At Restaurant Equipment Online, you can expect to receive the best customer service in the business and comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of your hospitality business, regardless of whether you are just starting out, or if you are a well-established name that is seeking to upgrade or re-vamp your premises. Whether you are looking for kitchen appliances or larger items such as display fridges, we can fit out your business with whatever you need.

We are recognised as the number one e-retailer in Australia for commercial cooking equipment, advice and a level of service and support that is second to none. As such, we encourage those of an ambitious mindset to check out our product range and speak with one of our advisers today to see just how much value we could add to your business.

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  1. Single tank induction fryer - IF3500S
    Was NZ$560.00 Was NZ$658.90

  2. GasMax 6 Burner Oven Range With Flame Failure NG
    Was NZ$3,934.00 Was NZ$5,256.65

    915(w) x 911(h) x 830(d)mm

  3. GasMax 4 Burner Oven Range With Flame Failure NG
    Was NZ$3,432.00 Was NZ$4,828.85

    615(W) x 911(H) x 830(D)mm

  4. GasMax Cook Top NG 2 Burners With Flame Failure 300mm Wide RB-2
    Was NZ$1,720.00 Was NZ$2,712.85

    300(W) x 440(H) x 770(D)mm

  5. GasMax Cook Top NG 4 Burners 600mm Wide with Flame Failure
    Was NZ$2,298.00 Was NZ$3,540.85

    600(W) x 440(H) x 770(D)mm

  6. Gasmax S/S Stand For GasMax JUS Grill & Griddle 600mm
    Was NZ$640.00 Was NZ$854.45

    600(W) x 555(H) x 512(D)mm

  7. Primax Extraction and Condensation Hood for Prof Line 760mmW x 1055D x 243H
    Was NZ$5,164.00 Was NZ$6,900.00

    760(W) x 243(H) x 1055(D)mm

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    Bakermax Standard Series Black Panther Pizza Single Deck Oven
    Was NZ$2,020.00 Was NZ$2,700.20

    910(W) x 430(H) x 820(D)mm

  9. ConvectMax Heavy Duty Oven With 3 Trays
    Was NZ$1,795.00 Was NZ$2,397.75

    834(W) x 500(H) x 672(D)mm

  10. ConvectMax Convection Oven With Press Button Steam 4 Trays
    Was NZ$2,458.00 Was NZ$3,282.10

    834(W) x 572(H) x 765(D)mm

  11. Bakermax Stainless Steel Stand for PMG-9
    Was NZ$608.00 Was NZ$813.05

    1300(W) x 860(H) x 1140(D)mm

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    Bakermax Prisma Food Single Deck Gas Pizza&Bakery Ovens
    Was NZ$11,057.00 Was NZ$14,766.00

    1305(W) x 560(H) x 1362(D)mm

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