Pie Warmers and Heated Displays

Pie Warmers and Heated Displays

“Eat with your eyes” is a popular saying that reflects how important looks are when it comes to food. Holding your food in a way that looks attractive and keeps it sanitary and fresh is necessary. So, you should have a nice place to display the dishes you have put so much effort in preparing. If you are looking for a pie warmer for sale or a heated food display cabinet, you have come to the right place.

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Should I choose a pie warmer display or a heated display cabinet?

While there are many types of countertop display units to showcase your products, each of them is better suited for different uses. On the one hand, all pie warmers are usually stand-alone units. They work by releasing dry heat to keep the food warm. They are all electric and use regular 240v electric plugs.


Heated display warmers, on the other hand, can be more sophisticated. Their temperatures often range between 20°C and 90°C. They usually have matching refrigerated versions to display both hot and cold foods side by side. Also, some of them have small water tanks to keep certain products from drying out.


Both heated display cabinets and pie warmers have heating elements above the shelves, below them, or in both places. Also, they come in benchtop and freestanding models. In the end, which device you choose will depend on your products and how you plan to use it.

What to look for in a commercial food warmer display

Every business has different needs, and so the machines they that suit them better will vary. Here, we list a wide variety of options for everyone. Some of the things you should pay attention to when making the final decision are:

  • Capacity: this will depend on how much food you have to sell. If your clientele is usually on the go, you will need to have lots of food ready all the time. This is a key aspect to consider when choosing a food display cabinet.
  • Materials: the materials with which the unit is made are essential. The ones that are made of glass are usually better to showcase your products. Yet, they are inevitably more fragile. Some models have enforced glass, but still,they cannot compete against solid doors. These ones, on the other hand, may not display your food as well as glass ones.
  • Design: some of these devices come with fixed shelves, while others have removable ones. It is also possible to find heated cabinets with angular shelves for better display and crumb trays to facilitate cleaning.


You are in the best place where to buy a pie warmer or heated display unit

If you are looking for the ideal solution for merchandising hot food, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we can help you. These products can be acquired new or second-hand. Second-hand heated display cabinets and pie warmers have been refurbished to work like new. Yet, if any problem arises with either a new or second-hand product, our representatives will be glad to help you.


All our products are covered by our complete warranty. New devices come with a 12-month warranty, while second-hand products are covered by 3 months.


Are looking for a pie warmer for sale in Perth, Brisbane, Sidney, metro Melbourne or Adelaide? You can have it delivered on the same day! If this is the case, get in touch with us and we will be able to help you ensure swift delivery. For the rest of Australia, all our products are dispatched on the same day for orders placed before midday, and on the following day for those placed after 12 pm. But if you want to come and pick it up from one of our warehouses, make sure to contact us to arrange it.

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