Benchtop Deep Fryers

Electric Deep fryers are available in both countertop and freestanding models. The countertop versions range in size from 3L to 8L and come in single and double versions. Some models have regular 10A plugs however others require 15A. Freestanding electric fryers come in several versions from very basic to completely computerized, auto-lifting fryers used in very high output kitchens such as those in McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and KFC. Electric deep fryers are typically used where no gas is available or where portability is the priority.

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Commercial Deep Fryers

Fast food is something that everybody enjoys and there is nothing better than placing an order when you are starving only for exactly what you wanted to arrive, ready to eat, within a few minutes. However, for those in the foodservice industry, making this a possibility means investing in commercial deep fryers, which can mean breaking out the wallet or chequebook and writing off a decent chunk of the budget.

Fortunately, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, while we can’t give our products away for free, we can make them much more affordable than anywhere else. We have gained a reputation as the number one e-retailer for all catering equipment, food service and commercial kitchen goods and we make the 20,000 products listed on our site available direct to both the public and professional sectors.

Orders placed before midday are shipped the same day and while those in the major cities can typically expect their products to arrive within a day, we are certain that you will have them between 1 and 3 days at most.

The distribution management system we have in place makes it much easier for us to fulfil orders and get them anywhere in the country, which is down to the wonderful relationships we have built with our suppliers. All in all, here is where you can get what you want cheaper and faster, without having to compromise on any front.

How You Benefit From Having the Right Commercial Deep Fryer

Your staff is constantly under the gun and watching the clock when they are working. Orders come in thick and fast and so this can make for a stressful environment. However, with commercial deep fryers, the process of cooking is somewhat simplified and streamlined. Once you know the cook times for the foods that are requested, then it’s just a matter of getting the cook underway.

What’s more, commercial options enable you to achieve more in a shorter space of time, which allows you to ramp up your operation as needs be and satisfy many more bellies.

The proximity to the fryer is increased and with the appropriate complementary tools and utensils in place for your staff, you can reduce the risk of splash back or burns incurred from contact with cooking oil. What’s more, given that the cooking takes placed in enclosed units this lessens the risk of oil spills on the floor, which could present a health and safety issue and risk the wellbeing of your staff.

The kind of food that you plan to fry will have an impact on whether you are going to go with an electric or a gas deep fryer; for example, not all foods will require the use of a sediment tray. Regarding the volume of food that will be cooked, it is essential that you choose a fryer with adequate capacity and the appropriate shape for your needs, that is, deeper or wider, while also keeping the space that you have to use in mind.

Also, if you are seeking out commercial deep fryers for sale that must cook large orders of food at a time, then it is likely that you may favour gas over electric to reach the optimal temperature quickly and sustain this heat throughout the cook. Furthermore, having a fryer with many burners will ensure faster cook and recovery times.

At Restaurant Equipment Online, you can access deep fryers that have the following features and more from Cookrite, F.E.D., Fagor, FryMax, Goldstein, Pitco, SilverChef and Thor:

  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Between 2 and 5 burner options
  • Single Pan, Split Pan
  • Double Basket, Triple Basket
  • Stainless Steel Splash back
  • Auto-lift
  • 15kW, 18kW, 21kW, 24kW Power Options

Enhance Your Business Today

Those that wish to access finance can do so and are encouraged to make contact with our customer service agents. We are here to help you determine the best way to acquire your goods and make it possible for you to do so over a period of 1-4 years, depending on what your budgetary means are.

So, shop with confidence here at Restaurant Equipment Online when you are searching for commercial deep fryers for sale or any other kitchen product that could enhance the operation of your business and deliver exceptional results to your clientele each and every time.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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