Bain Maries

Bain Maries

Bain Maries are heated food display units available in either countertop or freestanding versions. Bain maries usually have water tanks which are electrically heated to provide even heating to the pans above. Used to display anything served warm including soups, curries, dims sims and other foods. We also offer open heated displays for Chinese style BBQ or Heated Food Displays and Pie Warmers as alternatives to Bain Maries.

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Commercial Bain Maries

Your work kitchen is going to need a lot of major appliances in order to enable you to create the culinary delights that your client base expect of you. But, while the big-ticket items are essential, it is just as important for your benchtop to be kitted out with complimentary equipment that offers you flexibility.

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, you can access a wide range of products that will improve the efficiency of your kitchen and enable you to deliver a greater level of service on a daily basis. We stock everything from commercial bain maries to commercial microwaves, fryers, grills, warming stations, heat lamps, carving stations, rice cookers, hot dog warmer and everything else in-between.

This variety and range of choice have in 5 short years made us the number one e-retailer in terms of food service, commercial kitchen and catering equipment. But, while having the largest range of stock is important – we have almost 20,000 products online at any given time, and counting – what really sets us apart are our prices.

Even though we stock some of the most identifiable names in the business, we are able to save our customers up to hundreds of dollars when they choose to shop with us. Why? Because we have created efficiencies in our business model that include an automated ordering system and twice daily order processing, to ensure that while our customers are able to receive their goods faster, we don’t have to make allowances for overheads in our prices.

A Bain Marie Keeps Things Nice and Warm

The bain marie food warmer is an ideal way to keep food warm at a consistent temperature that can be set by the user. Boiling point is never reached and so this makes it much easier to keep food at an optimum heat without risking burning it or seeing it stick to the pan.

Typically, the hot water used to keep things at the right temperature helps keep the food from drying out, as moisture and steam released while the lid is closed will make this a reality. What’s more, you can expect that heat will be distributed evenly across all food in the pan, so that you’re not ending up with hot or cold spots.

This product is, therefore, a must-have, particularly for those in the catering industry, where pans of prepared food must be ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Protection from the elements as well as the even distribution of heat makes sure that those that need a warm snack need not worry about contamination or food that has gone cold as a result of being idle for a sustained period of time.

Peace of Mind Under Warranty

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, those that are interested in acquiring used equipment can do so without having to worry about a lack of warranty. All of the products we list have been fully refurbished and tested and come with 3-month warranties so you can acquire them confident in the knowledge that they are ready to use and protected in the short-term should you need any repairs.

So, when searching for the best benchtop equipment that could make all the difference in your kitchen, whether you need commercial bain maries or anything else, rest assured that everything you need and more is right here at Restaurant Equipment Online.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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